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Press release - 25th General Meeting of the ATO


On December 1st, 2010 the 25th General Meeting of the Association of Television Organizations (ATO) agreed with resignation of Ms Lucie Pokorna from the post of managing director of the Association. Her function will asume Ms Vlasta Roskotova as of January 1st, 2011.

Release of Lucie Pokorna from the ATO executive function was held at her request. ATO members unanimously praised Ms Pokorna for her outstanding contribution to the effective functioning of the organization. Under her skilled and professionally competent leadership a consolidation of the ATO activities was achieved. Thanks to her, the association has undergone several key changes without any complications and in full accordance with the aims and ideas of ATO members.

Newly appointed managing director Vlasta Roškotová studied foreign trade at the Prague´s University of Economics. In early 90ties, she worked for the governmental organization U.S. Peace Corps. Since 1995 she has been in the media. Her carreer started as a deputy head of strategic planning in commercial television, was an active participant in the project of implementation of electronic audience measurement. Then she served as head of media planning and later director of marketing in media agency. She published in-house magazine and from there was only a step to media journalism. She served as head of media section, the editor and deputy editor-in-chief of professional magazines Marketing & Media and Strategie. Her last employer was the Office of the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting, where she was responsible for international agenda, cooperation with the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities and communication with EU institutions.