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Dual data is a step backward

The Association of Television Organisations is monitoring with great concern the initiative of one of its members, CET 21, aimed at destroying the common system of TV audience measuring in the Czech Republic. The threat of distortion of the media market is a serious one, and ATO will have to deal with it in an adequate manner. We will be informing the public in time about each of the measures to be taken.   Read more...


15 Years of People Meters in the Czech Republic

On 2 June 2012 it will be fifteen years since the postman delivered floppy disks for Czech televisions with the first people meter data. This is a rather comic idea in the light of today’s technology, but at the time it was literally a revolution, and it launched a new era in television audience measurement. Read more...


ATO Signed Peoplemeter (Electronic Measurement) Contract

Further to yesterday’s decision on selection of the most advantageous bid, ATO and Mediaresearch today signed the Agreement on Execution and Utilisation of the Results of Electronic Measurement of Television Broadcast Ratings. Signing of the above agreement is the last legal step in the public tender process and opens the way for the implementation of new peoplemeter (electronic measurement) project for 2013-2017. Read more...


Mediaresearch Winner of Peoplemeters (Electronic Measurement) Tender

Vlasta Roškotová, Executive of the Association of Television Organizations, as the statutory body of the ATO, today signed the decision on selection of the proposal for Electronic Measurement of Television Broadcast Ratings for 2013-2017. The winner of the selection procedure, which this year was conducted for the first time in the form of a public tender, was the company Mediaresearch.  ATO made its decision based on the recommendations of the evaluation committee, which reviewed in detail the proposals submitted by four bidders for the peoplemeter electronic measurement contract (GfK Czech, ACNielsen Czech Republic, TNS AISA and Mediaresearch). The committee eliminated two bidders due to formal deficiencies and a third failed to fulfill the tender conditions on the highest permitted bid price. The evaluation committee recommended that the contracting entity accept the proposal submitted by Mediaresearch, which was the only bidder to fulfill all of the terms and conditions stipulated by the ATO and specified by the Public Procurement Act. The General Meeting of ATO held on 21 November 2011 refused to cancel the tender. Today, therefore, ATO’s decision on the selection of Mediaresearch became final.   Read more...


ATO General Meeting disapproves tender cancellation

The General Meeting of the Association of TV Organizations took place on 21.11.2011 and was attended by all the corporate members. Among other things, it adopted the following resolutions: - it disapproved CET 21's proposal to cancel the contract award procedure for the "Electronic television audience measuring project (PEM)" public contract for the period from 2013 to 2017, - it noted the resignation of Jan Andruško from his post as president of the ATO and, on the motion of CET 21, elected Mark Singer (CEO of FTV Prima) as president of the ATO. Read more...


ATO Assessment Comission recommended new PEM provider

Chairwoman of the assessment commission Kristina Taberyová announced that the assessment commission has completed the process of judging and assessing bids in the public tender entitled Project for Electronic Measurement (=PEM) of Television Broadcasting Audiences in the Czech Republic in accordance with Sections 76 and 79 of Act No. 137/2006, on public contracts. The assessment report and the bids and other documentation related to the assessment commission’s work were immediately handed over to the contracting organisation. In accordance with the contractor’s internal documents the ATO members (Czech Television, FTV Prima and AKA) accept the assessment commission’s recommendation to select the candidate MEDIARESEARCH, a.s. “As chairwoman of the assessment commission I would like to thank all the commission members, who successfully completed the assessment commission’s work with great personal and professional effort and in a principled and uncompromising manner” said Taberyova. Read more...


ATO opens tenders

The selection procedure for the provider of electronic television audience measuring has entered its next phase. The main task at the Association of TV Organizations (ATO) evaluation committee's meeting yesterday was to open the tender envelopes.   The contracting authority for this selection procedure, entitled the "Project of Electronic television audience measuring", received a total of four tenders within the submission deadline; these were submitted electronically. On 30 August 2011 the evaluation committee, comprising the corporate members' representatives and the Executive of the ATO, opened and assessed the four tenderers' bids in respect of electronic television audience measuring during the period from 1.1.2013 to 31.12.2017. The committee checked the formalities as required by the Act on Public Procurement, reviewing in particular the completeness of the tenders submitted by GfK Czech, MEDIARESEARCH, TNS AISA and AC Nielsen Czech Republic. The evaluation committee found the tenders submitted by two of the tenderers (MEDIARESEARCH and TNS AISA) to be complete within the scope provided for by Section 71.8 of the Act on Public Procurement. The evaluation committee's next meeting is to take place on 13 September 2011. Read more...


ATO extends selection procedure

On Monday, 27 June 2011, the Association of TV Organizations (ATO) extended the deadline for submission of tenders in the selection procedure for the provider of electronic television audience measuring by a further 60 days. Read more...


ATO organizes public tender

On Monday, 16 May 2011, the Association of TV Organizations (ATO) announced a selection procedure for the provider of the fourth run of electronic television audience measuring. The contract with the current peoplemeter measuring provider will expire at the end of 2012. At that time, a new project will be prepared that, from 1 January 2013, will serve as a continuation of the three previous measurement runs. Peoplemeter television audience data have already been available to Czech users for fourteen years now. The first project provider was Taylor Nelson Sofres Media Facts in 1997. The ATO has been collaborating with the research agency Mediaresearch for nine years now. Read more...


A new president for the ATO

The General Meeting of the Association of TV Organizations decided on 13 April 2011 to appoint the CEO  of CET 21, Jan Andruško, to the office of President. "I am glad that it has been possible to retain an annual mandate for TV Nova within this function. As President of the ATO I wish to continue my predecessor's work and promote the common interests of the Association's members," said Jan Andruško, CEO of TV Nova and President of the ATO. Read more...


Press release - 25th General Meeting of the ATO

On December 1st, 2010 the 25th General Meeting of the Association of Television Organizations (ATO) agreed with resignation of Ms Lucie Pokorna from the post of managing director of the Association. Her function will asume Ms Vlasta Roskotova as of January 1st, 2011. Read more...

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