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The audit reviewed people meters


Having received the auditors’ final report, the Association of TV Organizations closed an in-depth check on the structure and functioning of the television audience measurement (TAM) research in the Czech Republic. The audit was carried out by an auditor – an independent foreign entity, and examined the validity of the supplied data.

ATO, as the contractor of the TAM project, is entitled to check primarily through an audit that the measurement is being carried out properly. The topical audit was initiated by CET21 that requested a check on the validity of the supplied data. The entire process of the audit followed a set of predefined and agreed questions. The audit took three months and was conducted both in the implementer’s, i.e. the Mediaresearch company, headquarter, and in randomly selected panel households throughout the Czech Republic.

ATO does not state the results of the audit as the consent of CET21 is necessary to publish the results. The consent has not been granted.