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Peoplemeter Tender Was in Order


On Monday, 3 June 2013, the Czech Antimonopoly Office (Office for Protection of Competition =OPC) issued a decision by which it suspended the administrative proceedings being conducted with the Association of Television Organisations (ATO) in the matter of the public tender for the electronic measurement of television ratings. The office reviewed the procedure behind the public tender and did not find any reasons to impose penalties.

The tender for a new provider of the peoplemeter TAM service was announced in 2011. Based on an anonymous complaint, the OPC initiated administrative proceedings with the ATO, the contracting authority. These proceedings have now been discontinued based on the decision of the OPC. The proceedings were initiated because of suspicions that statutory public procurement procedures leading to the conclusion of the contract had not been observed.


The ATO selected a rating measurement service provider from among four bidders: GfK Czech, ACNielsen Czech Republic, TNS AISA and Mediaresearch. During the tender procedure, it eliminated one bidder because it had exceeded the highest allowable bid price (TNS AISA); the other two bidders were eliminated because of formal shortcomings (GfK Czech and ACNielsen Czech Republic). The evaluation committee recommended that the contracting authority accept the offer submitted by Mediaresearch, which was the only bidder to fulfil all the tender conditions stipulated by the contracting authority and prescribed by the Public Procurement Act. At the time, ATO members comprised CET 21 (CME Group), Česká televize, FTV Prima (MTG Group) and AKA.


Beginning January 2014, AC Nielsen is to conduct parallel TV ratings measurements. However, as the OPC stated in its decision, the fact that it did not make it to the next round of the ATO tender following the review of the completeness of bids was legitimate. The Czech market views the disruption in the common research currency negatively. Roman Mrázek from the research department of Prima called attention to the importance of the OPC decision for the media market. “We welcome the OPC decision, which has discontinued the administrative proceedings in the matter of the public tender for the electronic measurement of television ratings, and consider it to be an absolutely clear confirmation of the fact that the public tender took place in a transparent manner and fully in compliance with the law. At the same time, we believe that this decision will fundamentally contribute to calming down the situation on the market and send a signal to all entities that this singular common television currency is, was and will be strong, credible and of the highest quality.”


“The OPC’s decision was expected”, is how Ludvík Jubánek, representative of the Association of Communications Agencies, summarised the situation.


“We welcome the Antimonopoly Office’s decision, which confirmed that the approach taken by the majority of members of the Association of Television Organisations was fully in compliance with the law and that there are no doubts at all about the course and results of the tender for the electronic measurement of ratings,” says Petr Dvořák, ATO President and CEO of Česká televize.


For Renata Týmová, ČT Research Department Director and Member of the Evaluation Committee, the OPC decision is clear conformation that the correct approach was taken in the public tender for the electronic rating measurement contract. “For me personally, the decision is a personal and moral satisfaction,” adds Týmová. Krsitina Taberyová, Chair of the ATO Evaluation Committee, today views the events on the media market with a certain sense of perspective; nevertheless, she states that she is “proud of all her colleagues who withstood the difficult and unpleasant situation and have now been accorded professional and personal dignity.”


The OPT decision is still not final.