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People Meters Passed the Quality Control Test


Viewers with people meters follow the rules for operating this measuring device. The concordance of 95-98% in basic parameters resulting from the so-called Coincidence Study prepared by the implementer of the Czech people meter project for the Association of TV Organizations (ATO) confirmed the objectivity of TV measurement.

According to the results of the Coincidence Study, focused on keeping the rules for operating people meters by individual household members, Czech viewers are dutiful with people meters and they follow the rules of logging in and out of the measuring device. “The study of the MEDIARESEARCH company monitored several different indicators. With the basic ones, the concordance between the real situation in the panel households and the output on viewers’ behaviour from the people meter project proved to be at the level of 95-98%,” the managing director of the ATO Vlasta Roskotova stated. The resulting concordance is above average compared with indicators in other European countries. Due to the ATO’s assignment, the households were interviewed by telephone at the time when their TV was turned on. The survey was carried out on the sample of 500 panel households selected representatively with respect to all basic socio-demographic characteristics. A coincidence study is a standard control mechanism showing the quality of measured households’ cooperation by the ascertained value of concurrence. Households are trained to operate people meters directly when joining the project and they are afterwards continuously trained by the panel administration department staff. Before the household is able to provide official data, household members undergo a testing period when they get accustomed to living with a people meter.