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Dual data is a step backward


The Association of Television Organisations is monitoring with great concern the initiative of one of its members, CET 21, aimed at destroying the common system of TV audience measuring in the Czech Republic. The threat of distortion of the media market is a serious one, and ATO will have to deal with it in an adequate manner. We will be informing the public in time about each of the measures to be taken.


Hitherto research of so-called single currency provides the market with one set of data that is used by programming staff and based on which media campaigns are planned. The company executing the current people-meter measurement  in the Czech Republic is Mediaresearch, which won the selection procedure conducted by ATO last year for the period of 2013-2017. The tender was conducted in accordance with the Public Procurement Act under the supervision of a specialised consulting company also chosen based on a selection procedure. The research agency Mediaresearch was the only one to comply with all statutory requirements and conditions of the tender and offered a modern electronic measurement project that was legitimately chosen by the ATO evaluation committee as the winner. CET21 was the only one as not to agree with the selection, unlike Czech Television, FTV, Prima, and the Association of Communication Agencies.

An anonymous complaint about the course of the contract selection procedure was lodged with the Antimonopoly  Office.  An internal ATO document, to which only due members had access, was also submitted with the complaint. Based on this lodgement, the antimonopoly office commenced administrative proceedings in its official capacity, the results of which are still not known. ATO members (with the exception of CET 21) are certain that the selection of the company to execute the measurements took place in compliance with the law. The contract for the 2013-2017 period has been signed with Mediaresearch and at this time establishment research and other preparatory work is underway.

Setting up parallel research and the existence of dual data will not benefit the media market. It is the experience of many countries, including neighbouring Poland, which abandoned dual measurements last year. Single currency is the basic requirement of the WFA (World Federation of Advertisers)  and EACA (European Association of Communications Agencies) for TV audience research.