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ATO organizes public tender


On Monday, 16 May 2011, the Association of TV Organizations (ATO) announced a selection procedure for the provider of the fourth run of electronic television audience measuring.

The contract with the current peoplemeter measuring provider will expire at the end of 2012. At that time, a new project will be prepared that, from 1 January 2013, will serve as a continuation of the three previous measurement runs. Peoplemeter television audience data have already been available to Czech users for fourteen years now. The first project provider was Taylor Nelson Sofres Media Facts in 1997. The ATO has been collaborating with the research agency Mediaresearch for nine years now.

Electronic television audience measurement in the Czech Republic is noted for its high data quality. Measuring is conducted on a representative sample of 1,833 households (4,330 individuals). The structure of the panel is adjusted continually as per current Czech Statistical Office data and based on the exclusive ATO continuous surveying (9,000 respondents per year). The new survey's parameters have retained the project's high standard, extending it to include the requirement for measuring technology that can respond to developments and changes in television reception and the way television is viewed, in both real time and on-demand.

Although the main purpose of electronic audience measurement is to yield television audience data, the project also has another important (and, in its own way, unique) added-value aspect: data from the lifestyle survey (LSS). It is conducted on the peoplemeter panel and monitors the adult and juvenile population's media, attitude and consumer behaviour. It also records newly emerging media consumption trends.

This year, as a consequence of the legislative changes, the ATO is proceeding in line with the Act on Public Procurement for the very first time.