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ATO not at Fault in the People Meter Public Tender


The Office for the Protection of Competition confirmed the legitimacy of the proceedings of the Association of TV Organizations (ATO) choosing the provider for the project of TV audience electronic measurement (PEM). The contract was awarded to the Mediaresearch company in November 2011. The proceedings of the ATO had been repeatedly reviewed by the Office for the Protection of Competition (Úřad na ochranu hospodářské soutěže, ÚOHS). The decision by the Chairman of the Office brings an effective end to the administrative procedure inspecting the legitimacy of this public tender.

The ÚOHS Chairman’s decision dated 14 July 2014 dismissed the remedial tool of the CET 21 spol. s r.o. that this company submitted against the decision of the ÚOHS from June 2013 and which confirmed the legitimacy of the procedure by the ATO placing the order for PEM including the selection of the implementer, the MEDIARESEARCH, a.s. company, and making a contract with the company.

"We have been confident since the very beginning that the tender was alright and I believe that now even the current management of TV Nova will acknowledge it. In my opinion, the most important outcome is the fact that a double research currency has not been implemented that would disrupt the cohesive measurement. A double-track measurement would undoubtedly make things difficult for all media market participants. Moreover, it would devalue the effort of the experts who have for years strived for a cultivated market in the Czech Republic complying with the international standards," the managing director of the ATO Vlasta Roškotová commented on the whole situation.