Audience measurement

Television is an integral part of our household and our daily routine. 93% of Czech households have at least one functional TV at home. The ratio of households with one or more TVs has been 70:30 for a long time. It will come as no surprise that more TVs can be found in larger households, whether in terms of the number of members or the number of rooms in a living apartment or house.

How often and when do we watch TV?

Watching television has long been the most important leisure activity that Czechs spend on average almost 3.5 hours a day. People spend more time watching TV in the winter than in the summer, on weekends than on weekdays, on rainy days than on days that encourage outdoor activities, and in the evening rather than at night.

How is TV viewing measured?

On 24 pages of the attached document, you will learn how television broadcasting began, what changes took place after the Velvet Revolution and the partition of Czechoslovakia, how television advertising started and when and how television viewing began to be measured, the results of which we regularly publish.