Expert Commissions

Methodological Commission  –  the professional body of ATO

  • Ensures smooth operation of the project in accordance with the contract agreed with organizers. Carefully checks quality of data provided by PEM and in collaboration with other expert´s ATO commissions removes any identified defects.
  • Prepares and organizes public tenders related to PEM projects.
  • Enters project audits focused on comprehensive evaluation, sociology and demography of the project.
  • Organizes workshops with media representatives and media professionals and informs them about the news in PEM.
  • In collaboration with provider specifies and coordinates on regular basis the methodology of PEM.
  • Shall be intensively involved in the management of ATO.
  • From the professional point of view evaluates provider´s and client´s contracts concluded by ATO.

Legislative – Legal Commission

  • It solves relations between ATO and Board.
  • Participates in preparation of legal documents related to the activities of ATO.
  • Coordinates joint actions in the proceedings mark-up on new legislation.
  • Uses a platform of ATO to discuss further issues of common interest. Working closely with other ATO specialized Commissions.
  • Self-regulation.

Self-regulation Commission

Fullfills duties of self-regulation based on Broadcasting Act.

Financial Representatives

  • Methodically control financial operations of ATO.
  • Evaluate and assist with the preparation of ATO budget.
  • Are in charge of financial aspects of contracts, PEM research and commercial utilisation of the PEM results.

Technical Commission

  • Technical Commission deals with technical issues of broadcasting that are of common interest to ATO members.
  • Currently focuses on technical requirements for enabling access to broadcast to visually and hearing impaired audience

Supervisory Board

  • The body of the association performing supervisory activities in the area of the internal operation of the association.