ATO members:

Expert Commissions

Methodological Commission  -  the professional body of ATO

  • Ensures smooth operation of the project in accordance with the contract agreed with organizers. Carefully checks quality of data provided by PEM and in collaboration with other expert´s ATO commissions removes any identified defects.
  • Prepares and organizes public tenders related to PEM projects.
  • Enters project audits focused on comprehensive evaluation, sociology and demography of the project.
  • Organizes workshops with media representatives and media professionals and informs them about the news in PEM.
  • In collaboration with provider specifies and coordinates on regular basis the methodology of PEM.
  • Shall be intensively involved in the management of ATO.
  • From the professional point of view evaluates provider´s and client´s contracts concluded by ATO.

Legislative - Legal Commission

  • It solves relations between ATO and Board.
  • Participates in preparation of legal documents related to the activities of ATO.
  • Coordinates joint actions in the proceedings mark-up on new legislation.
  • Uses a platform of ATO to discuss further issues of common interest. Working closely with other ATO specialized Commissions.
  • Self-regulation.

Self-regulation Commission

Fullfills duties of self-regulation based on Broadcasting Act.

Financial Representatives

  • Methodically control financial operations of ATO.
  • Evaluate and assist with the preparation of ATO budget.
  • Are in charge of financial aspects of contracts, PEM research and commercial utilisation of the PEM results. 

Technical Commission

  • Technical Commission deals with technical issues of broadcasting that are of common interest to ATO members.
  • Currently focuses on technical requirements for enabling access to broadcast to visually and hearing impaired audience


03.03.2017 ATO organises lecture on planned amendment to EU's Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD)

The Association of Television Organisations (ATO), which associates Czech operators of public and commercial television broadcasting, organised a lecture yesterday for the professional public on the topic of the planned amendment to the EU's Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD). A...

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16.11.2016 Nielsen Admosphere is the new provider of crossplatform measurement

14 November 2016 Signing of the contract between the Association of TV Organizations (ATO) and Nielsen Admosphere has closed the public tender for the provider of electronic cross-platform audience measurement and media consumption in 2018-2022.

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