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TV market and audience measurement

Year TV market Audience measurement


Start of broadcasting in Czechoslovakia - May 1.



Regular broadcasting of Czechoslovak Television (=CST) - February 2.



Launch of second channel of CzechoslovakTelevision - May 5.




Research using methodology of diaries - a continuous survey of the Czechoslovak Television. Originally, there were 500 respondents (currently 750) filling diaries for aired programmes. Respondents evaluated their satisfaction by "marking" within a scale of 1 to 5. Through diaries also viewership of TV programmes was measured.


Beginning of CST colour-cast.



Adoption of the Law on Czech Television. Television becomes a public service broadcaster on the territory of the Czech Republic.



Launch of TV Premiera - the first private channel in the Czech Republic. The broadcasting covered Prague and Central Bohemia.

Establishment od SKMO - Association of Media and Communication Organizations. SKMO launched the first tender for realization of one currency media research - Mediaprojekt.


Launch of broadcasting of Czech Independent Television Company - broadcaster of TV Nova - February 4.

Channel TV Premiera changed from regional TV channel to nation-wide station.

Mediaprojekt - a one currency independent multimedia research that monitored radio, television and print. Results for nationwide television were published quarterly.



June 2, 1997 – beginning of electronic measurement of TV stations through TV metres =Project of Electronic Measurement (PEM)


Start of digital tererestrial television broadcasting in standard DVB-T.


2011 Official switch-off date of anologue DVB-T broadcasting in the Czech Republic

The date of November 11, 2011 was set-up as an official switch-off date of anologue DVB-T broadcasting.

2012   Closure of PEM III on December 31, 2012

January1, 2013 beginning of electronic measurement of TV stations throught TV metres = Project of Electronic Measurement (PEM IV). Introduction of Timeshift and Real Time measurement. TAM provider MEDIARESEARCH.

2018   January1, 2018 beginning of PCEM - Crossplatform measurement. Provider is Nielsen Admosphere.
03.03.2017 ATO organises lecture on planned amendment to EU's Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD)

The Association of Television Organisations (ATO), which associates Czech operators of public and commercial television broadcasting, organised a lecture yesterday for the professional public on the topic of the planned amendment to the EU's Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD). A...

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16.11.2016 Nielsen Admosphere is the new provider of crossplatform measurement

14 November 2016 Signing of the contract between the Association of TV Organizations (ATO) and Nielsen Admosphere has closed the public tender for the provider of electronic cross-platform audience measurement and media consumption in 2018-2022.

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